Appalachian Moto Jam

I headed out to Monticello, New York to shake off some of these winter blues and check out a cool bike event. The Appalachian Moto Jam was an ice covered snow scramble featuring many different bike classes. Every from Harley Dynas to Yamaha 500s studded up their tires and attempted the scramble. 

Grim Company at Boston Harley

The guys in Grim Company did a stunt show today at Boston Harley in Revere.

Check them out here:

Deadbeat Customs:

Lane Splitters Apparel:

Leftover Images From "Lonesome Lake Trail"

During my final year at NESOP I worked on a project titled Lonesome Lake Trail for my color class. This project had to do with the idea of escaping, I spent my weeks exploring New England looking for places that I found peaceful, slightly removed but still close to society. Heres a few leftover images from that project. These were taken on different excursions through the White Mountains and parts of Vermont, looking for that quite moment. 

Summer 2015

Photographs made with the Mamiya 7 during the summer time. These photographs were made in MA, NH, and ME while meandering around New England. Hoping to head out of MA soon to explore other parts of the United States. 


Some images from my trip to San Fransisco this January. Working on a photo zine and a show, these are the images that won't be included in that but I still wanted to share.